to May 15

Weekly Classes in Kathmandu

From February 18th - May 15th I am teaching Ashtanga Mysore classes Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 07.00 -9.30. Fridays Lead Primary 07.00-08.30

From April 4- 22nd Classes will be taught by Fernando Rios Martinez

All classes as Dalai La boutique Hotel, Thamel https://dalailaboutiquehotel.com/facilities/yoga-meditation-studio/

Fees: 1 month 7.000

2 weeks 4 000

1 week 3 000*

drop in 1.000*

*available for experienced students only

Cash payment only.

Spaces are limited, so please confirm with me by sending an email with your exact dates closer to your arrival!

Welcome to Kathmandu and Dalai La Ashtanga!!

Class description: Mysore style classes are self-practice classes in which each practitioner does their own practice under supervision and assistance of the teacher. Individual adjustments are given to bring the students deeper into the asanas and to help them advance in their practice. This type of class requires familiarity with the Ashtanga sequence. If you are a beginner requiring introductory classes, please contact me for private sessions! elljohan@online.no or www.ashtanganepal.com 

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